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Prefab Housing

Every building product used worldwide comes from natural resources. The use of wood as the primary building material is a much more environmentally conscious decision. Wood is the only reusable, renewable and biodegradable material on earth.

A properly constructed dry wooden house would easily last 100 years. At BTW, the framework components - the walls, flooring, the hardwood used to produced the rafters and the shutters, moulding, doors and windows are all kiln dried. This means that a house constructed with these materials will have components which will not move as in the natural tendency of wood to do, guaranteeing that there will be no splitting or cracking of the wood used. The kiln drying process and wood's natural characteristics of being an excellent insulator leads to an extremely energy efficient home.

Our prefabricated house, in comparison with other building methods and materials, will take less time and resources to build. The paneled structure of the unit lends itself to multiple layouts, as the panels are interchangable. Once you have choosen your design, BTW will manufacture your home in a controlled factory environment, using choice lumber sustainably harvested. Using a minimal workforce, and in less than 3 weeks, you can be the owner of a new home.

From our modern factory in Yarrowkabra, every component of the house is produced by highly trained and skilled workforce, including the roofing shingles, rafter and closed boarding, walls and flooring, mouldings and trims, doors and windows, and outdoor decking.

A wooden house is much cooler than a concrete one. BTW prefabricated houses offer an additional benefit of radiation reducing wallaba shingled roof instead of aluminium reducing your need to invest in cooling systems. The roof is also engineered to withstand 160mph hurricane winds.

Original features of the house include:

Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the environment on human health, and the natural environment by efficient use of energy and water among other resouces, in addition to reducing waste and pollution. With this understanding BTW has utilised more 90% of the material components as wood in our prefabricated houses. The natural hardwoods which are mostly utilised in the construction do not required any chemical tratment against insect attack, adding to its environmental friendliness.