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 About BTW Inc.

Bulkan Timber Works Inc. (BTW), a downstream timber company, was founded in 1997 by Alison & Howard Bulkan to provide house building materials, including wall cladding, tongue and groove flooring, architectural & construction mouldings, outdoor decking, et cetera, to clients across the Caribbean.

This business was conceptualized in December, 1996 and over the course of three months, the mission of a marketing survey was undertaken. It explored the potential of various product lines, as well as the usual risk and SWOT analyses were performed. In March, 1997, the company was incorporated and the ground work began in the following areas: -

  • Identifying plant and equipment required for the start-up phase
  • Arranging financing
  • Acquiring factory space
  • Preparing the factory building for an industrial woodworking operation, including civil and electrical works
  • Purchasing plant equipment and shipping arrangements for transport from the United Kingdom to Guyana
  • Installation of equipment
  • Meeting with potential suppliers of raw materials (lumber) required

All of the above took place during 1997 and BTW started production in January, 1998. Just over a year later BTW commenced fabrication of the first two wood drying kilns which were commissioned in February, 2000. The business has grown over the years in several small steps. Over the course of the next six years, additional plant & machinery were procured as well as the erection of additional factory buildings whilst expanding our customer base throughout the Caribbean.

In 2007, another wood drying kiln was commissioned and at present there are six kilns in our production line, each with a capacity of twenty cubic metres. Also, since 2012, the Company acquired two sawmills which have bolstered our production, to meet our increasing demands.

The Directors of the company are Howard Bulkan and his wife Alison Bulkan, their elder son, Justin Bulkan, and nephew, George Bulkan.

At present, BTW produces value-added wooden components for furniture manufacturers, flooring, wall cladding, outdoor decking, mouldings, doors, windows, roofing shingles, customized carvings in various species including Greenheart, Purpleheart, Darina, Locust (Jatoba), Wallaba, and Cumaru (Tonka Bean) for various markets across the world.

Howard Bulkan (centre) with his elder son: Justin (left) and nephew George

Bulkan Timber Works (and its sister company: Superior Shingles & Wood Products) over the years, since its formation, has received many notable awards both locally and regionally as a recognition of their excellence in all facets of the wood industry. The Government along with some of the country’s leading Manufacturing Associations/Agencies have seen it fit to award the Company, with these relevant prestigious honours.

Year Award Description Company
1998 President’s Award In recognition of the bold decision by the Company to locate on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway with consistent start-up and continuation of exports within the Caribbean and USA. Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
2000 Guyana Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) President’s Award In recognition of pioneering investment by the Company in Machining Technology unique to the Caribbean Region. Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
2007 The President’s Award for Export Achievement In recognition of the Company’s sustained value-added business model that has resulted in significant export earnings with 100% local labour and raw material. Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
2009 Pioneers of Prosperity Country Winner & Regional Grand Prize Winner “Pioneers of Prosperity is an awards programme for entrepreneurs in Africa, the Caribbean and Central America that have created wealth and invested in their society. Its aim is to recognise and support today's successful enterprises and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, leading to stronger, more sustainable development in these regions. Winning companies receive up to $100,000 to invest in their business.” Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
2010 Lifetime Award In recognition of the outstanding contributions made by his (Howard Bulkan) company in boosting the image of the GMSA through efficient production of Timber based Products in both the Domestic and Regional Markets, the latter effort also resulting in a prestigious International Award. Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
2011 President’s Award For Pioneering Innovative Technologies in the Forestry & Wood Products Sector, thereby expanding market share within the Region. Bulkan Timber Works Inc.
2012 President’s Award For Penetrating International Markets Superior Shingles & Wood Products
2014 Caribbean Export Development Agency Direct Assistance Grant Scheme Award, valued €33,700.00 Superior Shingles & Wood Products
2014 President of Co-operative Republic of Guyana Award For Export Achievement Superior Shingles & Wood Products
2016 President’s Award For export of value-added wood products to Thailand and Maldives Superior Shingles & Wood Products

It would be challenging to state individual projects as BTW has supplied globally, but generally projects where premium quality is required in territories including Virgin Gorda, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and most, if not all, of the English-speaking Caribbean Countries.