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The Production Process

Bulkan Timber Works Inc. brings you the best quality always because of the ability to control each stage of production. This means that quality can be measured and guaranteed in conformity with local regulations and international best practices. An overview of this process is outlined in the slideshow below.
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Stage 1

Logs being received at our facility

Stage 2

Logs are graded and checked for quality

Stage 3

Logs are cut to required length and debarked (ready to mill)

Stage 4

Logs go to the Mills and are sawn to the required sizes

Stage 5

Graded and Cross-Cut, ready to be stickered and air-dried

Stage 6

After air-drying, placed in kilns to be kiln-dried

Stage 7

Unstuffing kiln

Stage 8

Goes to the Moulder, and the desired profile is achieved

Stage 9

Packed and Bundled ready to be sold/shipped or value added

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