Scientific Name

Carapa guianensis



Standard Name


Other Name

Krapa, Guino, Figueroa, Tangare, Carapa, Crappo

Wood Appearance

The heartwood varies from pale pink to rich red-brown when freshly sawn, darkening to a uniform dull reddish-brown. The sapwood is pale brown or oatmeal coloured, not always sharply defined.

Wood resembles a plain mahogany in appearance but lacks its natural luster. The texture is medium to coarse; grain is generally straight but sometimes interlocked. The bole is 15-20m in length with a diameter of 65-95(-180) cm.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Comparable in strength to European Beech. Small movement. Moderately hard with good mechanical properties and is fairly stable in use.

  • Air dried density (12%) - 670kg/m3

  • Bending strength (at 12%) - 111 N/mm2

  • Modulus of elasticity (at 12%) - 11800 N/mm2

  • Crushing strength (at 12%) - 59 N/mm2

Natural Durability

Heartwood is moderately durable and fire resistant. Logs prone to attack by ambrosia (pinholeborer) beetles.

Timber Processing


Dries fairly well but rather slowly with a slight tendency to split in the initial stages. Kiln Schedule C.


Saws without difficulty. Interlocked grain makes planing difficult. Works easily and turns well, finishing smoothly.


Glues and holds nails well. Tendency to split on nailing.


Takes stain and polish well.


Suitable for general carpentry, furniture, cabinet work, turnery and interior joinery.


Occurs in reasonable quantities in Guyana. Regular supplies possible.