All our lumber/wood products are first graded by our Quality Control Department, then certified and stamped by the Guyana Forestry Commission after which a Timber Marketing Certificate is issued approving the quality against the Guyana Timber Grading Rules for Hardwoods (third edition 2002). BTW offers sawn timber which has been classified to one of two grades, GR04 SEL or GR06 STD.

Lead Times

Generally 4-6 weeks.

Packing and Shipping Operations

Lumber are all end sealed with a protective coating (Anchor Seal Brand), packed in bundles by sizes/lengths then strapped with metal banding. Detailed packaging lists for each bundle are provided. Weekly sailings out of Guyana loaded on 20' flat racks or in 20' containers.

Payment Details:

Generally 1/3 deposit with the order, balance upon completion of the order, but prior to despatch.