About Us

Bulkan Timber Works Inc. (BTW) is a fully integrated timber company, operating in Guyana, South America since 1997. BTW harvests all of its timber supplies from its own forest concession located at Waraputa on the Essequibo River, sawing tropical hardwood logs into lumber through the use of light-weight mobile mills in the forest, cutting only what is needed for its products and thus leaving all the waste materials at the tree stump to be incorporated naturally into new forest growth. BTW is in the lead to add value to Guyana's sustainable forestry by kiln-drying, machining building and furniture components from the selected lumber produced in managed forests. Our moulding plant is located at approximately 240km from the concession to where the rough sawn lumber is trucked out for processing.


From our forest operation, we can supply Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiaei) pilings, Wallaba (Eperua falcata) transmission posts, Wallaba (Eperua falcata) fence posts, runners and laths and various species of rough sawn lumber (Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiaei), Purpleheart (Peltogyne pubescens) , Kabukalli (Goupia glabra) , Andiroba (Carapa guianensis) , Mora (Mora exelsa) and Wallaba (Eperua falcata)) in varying dimensions.


After rough sawn lumber is transported to the moulding plant, we are able to supply kiln-dried rough sawn lumber in varying sizes typically used as dimensioned stock for furniture manufacturers and kiln-dried dressed lumber in various profiles mainly for building construction.


Added to these, BTW produces beautifully profiled mouldings in various shapes and sizes, available in both architectural and construction grades used for skirting, crowning, windows, door trims, rails etc.


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